WalkyTalky consult for Camino de Santiago pilgrims

private lifespan session for hikers of the Camino del Norte

Hiking is the most down to earth way to process matters at head and heart. Whether it’s new beginnings or loss (work, love, life stage), grief, or reflecting on life purpose because you want to make space to create.

At one point you might feel like losing the connection with yourself. Questions arise. Who and why am I? What’s really important to me? What’s my purpose? How can I overcome my pain? For many, the Camino de Santiago is a conscious choice to walk into the present, to let go and reconnect.

A private session takes around 75 minutes and costs € 55,– including 21% taxes. It’s an expanding extra step on your journey and a gift to yourself on your magical Camino del Norte path. Language is Dutch or English.