My Story

After working for 20 years I took an epic break. I left Holland with backpack and husband to explore the world. This crazy adventure lasted 2 years and has changed my life forever. Because of my background in psychology I had the chance to work with many travelers on life purpose, positive emotions and self care.

When in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I learned something magical. Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapy. After I got home it was only natural to connect to my gutpower. I started my own practice, doing the things that fulfill me the most – traveling, writing and massaging bellies.

In the summer of 2018 the love of my life, so far, got cancer and died within 4 months. One year later I debuted with my first novel RRRauw! – which phonetically means both raw and grief.

During the first pandemic year I sold our home in Holland and emigrated close to Llanes in Asturias, Spain where I feel at home, creating a new life for myself. Every day I wake up with the cows and goats, overlooking both mountains and sea.

Happy To Connect!
Carina Wiegman