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Our belly area is sensitive. . . and super smart! Often our tummy already knows that things are not that great. With our head we can’t really feel and process our emotions and work-life stresses. But our mind is very good though at consistently ignoring the signals of our body.

When we don’t pay attention to and digest our emotions and life experiences, problems arise both in belly and mind: worry, irritable bowl, energy loss, co-dependency, anxiety, lower back issues, pms, depression, headaches, constipation…

so much goes on in your belly!

In 2016 I tried something new in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I booked an abdominal massage with Om Rinraya, a very special lady and accredited Chi Nei Tsang therapist. After the session I felt so much more energy, freedom and space in my belly that I decided to go back to Om Rinraya and learn it myself.

Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapy – in Eastern philosophy known as taoistic organ massage – is a mixture of Thai & Chinese techniques. It deeply effects the organs in the abdomen where blockages exists due to stress, emotions, hormone imbalances and sensory overload.

a chi nei tsang Abdominal Massage Therapy session takes 1 hour and costs 60 euro incl 21% vat.

WalkyTalky consult for Camino de Santiago pilgrims

private lifespan session for hikers of the Camino del Norte

Hiking is the most down to earth way to process matters at head and heart. Whether it’s new beginnings or loss (work, love, life stage), grief, or reflecting on life purpose because you want to make space to create.

At one point you might feel like losing the connection with yourself. Questions arise. Who and why am I? What’s really important to me? What’s my purpose? How can I overcome my pain? For many, the Camino de Santiago is a conscious choice to walk into the present, to let go and reconnect.

A private session takes around 75 minutes and costs € 55,– including 21% taxes. It’s an expanding extra step on your journey and a gift to yourself on your magical Camino del Norte path. Language is Dutch or English.

[Rɑu] on love, travel & tangerines

in Amazon Kindle – 2020

Loving well is an Art but describing Love, Laughter and Pain so beautifully is a Gift. KATHLEEN Williams

The unbreakable Beauty of a grieving Heart. LEMBA De miranda

DOMINGUIN, little Sunday, suddenly matures when he walks out of the hospital with a take-away-cancer and only few weeks to live. Well, that’s the end of it then, he states, shortly before turning 50. Bad luck. Fortunately Dominguin learns at a young age to translate dreams into deeds living as a carefree single exploring the world of dating sites, software engineering and electronic music festivals. One day he falls for the smile of his Switi with whom he travels for many years. Fifty is the new hundred, they both claim. But in front of Channel Max’ slow TV shows Almost there, I am leaving and Way out they realize that one dream will never become real. Building a house somewhere abroad and growing old together. In three months time the all-you-can-eat cancer bites Dominguin like Pacman after which his techno queen, belly whisperer and travel babe embarks on a dazzling throwbackpack adventure on her own.

[Rɑu] is the upbeat story of a colorful grief nomad who drags you along with the speed of love from the safe vortex of her cave through a full load of grief and the love that survives with humor when two lovers are forced to say goodbye in three months.

Heartbreakingly beautiful. Grief in its most vulnerable form. You’ll be hard pressed not to feel moved. CHRISTINA Barnett

A moving Journey marked by Longing, Grief and Resilience. A Heart-felt and Gut-wrenching Read. KEELIN Macdonald

Written with a beautiful Vulnerability. It’s direct, Raw and gives the reader an intimate view at both Love and Grief. AL Cahill

A Journey that ignites the Spark to live Life to its fullest. Readers will connect to the wonderful Words, and feel inspired to Travel, Love and Live. JUSTUS Del Mundo

My Story

After working for 20 years I took an epic break. I left Holland with backpack and husband to explore the world. This crazy adventure lasted 2 years and has changed my life forever. Because of my background in psychology I had the chance to work with many travelers on life purpose, positive emotions and self care.

When in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I learned something magical. Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapy. After I got home it was only natural to connect to my gutpower. I started my own practice, doing the things that fulfill me the most – traveling, writing and massaging bellies.

In the summer of 2018 the love of my life, so far, got cancer and died within 4 months. One year later I debuted with my first novel RRRauw! – which phonetically means both raw and grief.

During the first pandemic year I sold our home in Holland and emigrated close to Llanes in Asturias, Spain where I feel at home, creating a new life for myself. Every day I wake up with the cows and goats, overlooking both mountains and sea.

Happy To Connect!
Carina Wiegman